Who are we?

Avocado Málaga was created with the aim of bringing organic products from the south of Spain to your homes with the highest quality and best flavour. We are located in La Axarquía, a small tropical oasis in Europe where there is a deep-rooted agricultural tradition.

In our farm we are five workers and together we make possible that our organic avocados and mangos arrive from the tree to your table. We are proud to say that, since our beginnings some 40 years ago, we have been dedicated to caring for and trying to improve the health of our planet. That’s why we decided that all our cultivation should be organic.

To take care of and try to improve the health of our planet, and of everyone.

What does this mean? Organic farming promotes biodiversity. This is because the cultivation of locally grown species is promoted. Furthermore, with sustainable agriculture, contamination of the soil with chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides is avoided. For the fertilization of the fruit we only use natural products that have been validated for use in organic farming, so that we not only improve the quality of the fruit, but also do not damage the environment and we see this reflected in our fruits every day.

Its taste is the authentic flavour of an avocado and a mango even though it does not shine like other fruits on the outside, but that is another characteristic of organic farming. It is the land itself that shows us that the effort we make is worthwhile.

Don’t hesitate to try the authentic flavour of our land!

How can you support us?

Nowadays, and increasingly so, we have all kinds of fruit and vegetables in our homes just by going to a supermarket. But there is one figure that is losing its prominence and is the fundamental pillar of all this: THE FARMER.

As we mentioned before, Avocado Malaga was born as a response to this problem. We, as farmers, want you to be able to enjoy the best flavour and quality of the fruit you eat. That is why we decided to embark on this adventure, eliminating intermediaries so that our objective is fulfilled: organic fruit, straight from the tree to your table.

Thank you! Every time you visit us or decide to get a box of these fruits loaded with magic and love, you are helping to preserve the traditions of our land, Malaga, and that the farmers and all the people involved in this process can continue to do so for a long time to come.

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