Box with Organic Hass Avocados [4kg box]


Remember all your fruit comes directly from the tree!

  • Each box contains 4kg of organic avocados, for you or to share!
  • One kilo contains between 4 or 5 avocados, so you will receive 18 organic avocados, depending of the size.
  • There are different varieties of organic avocados, including Bacon, Fuerte and Hass.
  • Each organic avocado weight between 200gr and 400gr.
  • Your avocados will be ready to eat once they are black and soft enough. The pulp will have a butter texture.
  • You will see that each avocado is different. Maybe one have a stain from a branch that could have rubbed against the fruit during growth or a small imperfection in the skin. But remember, all your avocados are 100% natural and have just been picked from the tree.
Weight 4.5 kg


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