Avocado Hass [4kg Box]

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  • Each box contains 4kg of conventional avocados, for you or to share!
  • Each kilogram of avocados comes with 4 or 5 pieces, so you will receive approximately 18 pieces, depending on the size of the fruit
  • The average weight of each avocado is between 200 and 400g.
  • Once you see your avocados start to turn black, they are ready to eat. Discover their butter-like flesh.
  • As avocados are selected directly from the field they may contain some imperfections in the skin but they all come with the best flavour.
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Maria - Harvesting Assistant

I’m María and I’ve been working as a harvester at Avocado Málaga’s farm in La Axarquía for some time now. I enjoy every day walking through the avocado plantations, making sure that the avocados that arrive at your home are at the best point for consumption.

Our project aims to provide you with fresh avocados directly from the field wherever you are.  In addition, all the avocados we bring to your home are grown and cared for so that you can enjoy the best flavour at home.

The environment of the avocado fields is not altered by human hands. There are no alterations and we allow the native species to cohabit in freedom, to achieve a unique product. We create an ideal environment for normal Hass avocado crops to produce a perfect and tasty fruit for consumption.

Although we are aware that the conventional avocado is a fruit that can withstand long transport journeys, we do not want to risk the final product. For this reason, we ourselves take care of its cultivation, harvesting and transport. As you can see, to bring a normal Hass avocado to your table, we dedicate all our love and time to it and that is what we enjoy the most.

Walking through the avocado plantations on a daily basis has connected me even more to this project. I know every inch of the land, and I know when an avocado has reached its ideal quality. Since I have been working on the farm, I have noticed that the normal Hass avocado is in great demand for its health benefits. Therefore, I spend as much time as necessary to make sure that the fruit is at its ideal ripeness when harvested. I inspect the avocados one by one, in order to choose only the best for you.

Every day I work to bring you a delicious and healthy fruit.

At home you can be assured of a quality avocado, with the ideal amount of fibre, a creamy texture on the palate and an unbeatable flavour. This is what we produce on our farm and what we bring directly to your table. That is why more and more people in Spain and the rest of the world are asking for our avocados and I am happy to be part of this project for the environment.




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