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Organic mangos and avocados from the south of Spain.


Who we are?

Avocado Malaga is born with the illusion of bringing you organic products from the south of Spain with the highest quality and the best flavour. We are based in Axarquia, a small tropical oasis in Europe where there is a deep-rooted agricultural tradition.

We dedicate a whole year to care for and pamper our trees, treating them only with organic products, without pesticides or fertilisers. In this way, we obtain the organic production certificate and each and every one of our fruits come from an environment where nature is the guide.

The best thing about having a farm with organic production is nothing other than the life you breathe at every step you take. Different plants, insects and animals cohabit in a free space, where all kinds of fruits grow, apart from avocados. With this, we achieve our goal: to create a sustainable environment, sustainable production and contribute to the health of our planet.


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The best quality in organic tropical fruits

Growing and harvesting tropical fruits with care and affection for more than 40 years on our family farm.

Here you have some tips and tricks about our organic avocados so you can enjoy our fruits to the fullest!


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