Box with Organic Hass Avocados [4kg box]

Our Hass avocados have a buttery texture and a taste so spectacular that you can eat them on their own. Order your box now and start enjoying our avocados.

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Remember all your fruit comes directly from the tree!

  • Each box contains 4kg of organic avocados, for you or to share!
  • One kilo contains between 4 or 5 avocados, so you will receive 18 organic avocados, depending of the size.
  • There are different varieties of organic avocados, including Bacon, Fuerte and Hass.
  • Each organic avocado weight between 200gr and 400gr.
  • Your avocados will be ready to eat once they are black and soft enough. The pulp will have a butter texture.
  • You will see that each avocado is different. Maybe one have a stain from a branch that could have rubbed against the fruit during growth or a small imperfection in the skin. But remember, all your avocados are 100% natural and have just been picked from the tree.
Weight 4.5 kg


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Felipe - farm worker for avocado Malaga

My name is Felipe and I am in charge of transporting the boxes of freshly harvested avocados for a GLS worker to pick them up and bring them to your home. I am part of the whole process that is required so that you can have on your table, the most natural and tasty avocados of the whole region of Southern Spain.

Imagine tasting a bite of an avocado sandwich at its peak of freshness. You can only get this if you buy avocados grown in a natural way, without chemicals that alter the production or taste. This is what we offer at our Finca in Axarquia.

One of the most outstanding harvested products of the farm is the organic hass avocado. The main objective of this production is to bring to your home a fruit that respects the environment, born in an environment with no chemical incidence of any kind. In fact, we use neither pesticides nor fertilisers, as the natural flavour of this fruit is unalterable.

This project does not contemplate the use of chemicals for cultivation or maintenance. Rather, we are committed to a sustainable system that allows natural species to cohabit without intervention. In this way, we achieve avocados of good quality, texture and delicious taste.

I really enjoy being on board the Avocado Malaga project, because there is nothing like working with the land and seeing the result of treating it with care. Not to mention how good it is to live in a natural and mountainous setting such as the farm.

I sense the good atmosphere of those who have the task of picking these avocados one by one, and I am happy to participate in a project that is so committed to quality. No organic avocado is picked until it is at its peak, so that it arrives at your home in the best possible condition.

This tropical fruit is one of the best valued in the world, but not only those who live in Malaga can enjoy it. We are committed to making sure that everyone in Europe can eat this delicious tropical delicacy. In this way, they can benefit from the nutrients provided by the famous fruit of the heart.

The avocado has been considered one of the most beneficial fruits for the heart. Well, we put heart into our crops to make them more beneficial to your health. And we invest time and effort to ensure that the harvesting process is optimal and that the avocados are transported without any problems or intermediaries.

The organic seal of our avocados is what stands out the most and what we want to leave as an imprint on our consumers. We provide healthy avocados, made in environmentally friendly environments and with a taste you can’t resist.

Organic Hass avocados have a high resistance to transport, but we do not neglect to be aware of this fact. I personally make sure that they are not damaged when I move the boxes full of freshly picked organic avocados. So that when our colleague, Jose from GLS picks them up to take them to their destination. That’s why we are proud to say that we bring the fruit from the tree to your table.




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