Box with organic seasonal mangos [4kg box]

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Available in September 2021

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Remember all your fruit comes directly from the tree!

  • Each box contains 4kg of organic mangos.
  • There are different varieties of organic mangoes, including osteen, kent and keitt.
  • Each mango weighs between 400gr and 1000gr.
  • Your mangos will arrive home with various shades of red, green, purple or yellow, so colour will not be the best indicator of ripeness. When the mango gives off a good aroma and is soft, it will be the ideal time to enjoy it.
  • You will see that each mango is different. Some may have a spot on a branch that may have rubbed against the fruit during growth or a small imperfection in the skin. But remember, they’re 100% natural and just been picked from the tree.
Weight 4.5 kg


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Gabriel - Avocado Malaga Harvesting Manager

Hello, I’m Gabriel and here I’ll tell you about my experience working in the organic cultivation of Avocado Malaga.

Since I was a child I have been involved in farming. My family had a small farm where we grew all kinds of fruit and vegetables but always for our own consumption. As time went by, my parents decided to distribute the produce, but everything changed. To produce more quantity, fertilisers were used that changed the taste and size of the fruits, I began to despise these foods and no longer consumed them.

I enjoyed good organic mangoes again when I started working at the Avocado Malaga farm. We get out of bed very early every day to pick the exact number of boxes of organic mangoes that you have ordered the day before.

The best thing about working on the farm is that we also have the privilege of working in a majestic landscape, which fills us with energy to continue our day. I am in charge of harvesting, so together with María every morning we go to the field and start harvesting, which I consider to be a unique experience.

Although Avocado Malaga is best known for its distribution of organic avocados, we also work the mango season following the same means and aims as we follow with the avocado. Thinking about the environment and you, our consumers, we are the best option to eat tasty and at the same time not generate an impact on our planet.

I have been working for Avocado Malaga for several decades now, every day I feel like I am in a dedicated and different family, not only with us, their workers, but also in every activity they carry out. And this same attitude has been passed on to me. I came back to enjoy growing and eating natural fruits, but the best of all is that I love my job and knowing that what we bring to your table the best organic mangoes, fills me with satisfaction.

I totally recommend Avocado Malaga products, as I personally guarantee that they are organic and delicious. Each one of you can attest to the exquisite flavour of the mangos we grow and that is a fact that no one can deny. And as part of the process, I am committed to always do my best to ensure that you enjoy a delicious and healthy food.




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